Johan Tronestams is a composer who focus his attention on the electronic music style. The guiding principles for his development has been the great synth makers who paved the ground already in the 70s. He works through a private music company named Team Quasar.The company has been a platform for his various music productions.

The electronic music as a tool of interpretation has no limits

The Long journey


By Johan Tronestam is now released.

”The long journey” reflects a future where man has developed the possibility to travel to other stars. But not without misstakes. The journey becomes much longer than it was supposed to. Harry Martinson´s book Aniara ends in tragedy, with a broken spaceship out into the eternity without the ability to slow down. "The long journey" is not a one-way ticket, these passengers will see the starting point of the journey again .



Best of Johan Tronestam


This album has material from releases during the period 2010-2013. The material comes from Planet X, Stories from the dawn, Far away, Roots and legends from the north and Impressions. Most of the tracks have been mastered again for this album.

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