Johan Tronestams is a composer who focus his attention on the electronic music style. The guiding principles for his development has been the great synth makers who paved the ground already in the 70s. He works through a private music company named Team Quasar.The company has been a platform for his various music productions.

The electronic music as a tool of interpretation has no limits

Schallwelle Awards


Now it's time for Schallwelle awards again. Johan Tronestam as a composer and two of his albums are nominated. The vote starts on December 15. If you want, you can support Johan in the contest by voting for him and any of his albums.




Release on CD, november 11

at SynGate Records


The idea for the album Luther started in 2015 after visiting Wartburg. It was a mighty feeling to enter the room where Martin Luther translated the New Testament from Latin to German. The album is an interpretation of the young Luther. /Johan

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