Johan Tronestams is a composer who focus his attention on the electronic music style. The guiding principles for his development has been the great synth makers who paved the ground already in the 70s. He works through a private music company named Team Quasar.The company has been a platform for his various music productions.

The electronic music as a tool of interpretation has no limits

Planet X - The 2018 version

The former album Planet X will now be released digitally in 24 bit. It is with pleasure that we can present the album remasterd in much better quality and as bonus three new tracks made for the album, the 3 tracks have never been featured before. It will soon be possible to buy the album on CD-R with a nice cover. If you want to buy a CD-R contact us on this website.

Cosmic steps

A new space album has been released on CD. The name of the album is Cosmic steps.

The album is available at Groove Unlimited